About Our Business
Our Mission Statement
To supply and educate ASEAN's leading hotels, restaurants, clubs, cafes and even the
household market with technologically advanced food preparation equipment.
About Us
MEYASU  PTE  LTD,  Block 20 Woodlands Link,  Unit #03-25,  Singapore 738733
Tel     : ( 65 ) 67529143, 67579585     Fax    : ( 65 ) 62342639       Email: stephen@meyasu.com
MEYASU PTE LTD  is a food processing & bakery equipment supplier with more than 15 years’
knowledge and experience in the industry.
Known for their hallmark pre- and post- sales service, MEYASU PTE LTD, with their knowledge in
food equipment & processes, have helped many food companies in
ASEAN and China to increase
their production capabilities and efficiency through automation.

Our main factory is located in Malaysia where we produced our in-house brand ‘MEYASU’ of bakery
and food processing equipment. Some of our products include the following equipment.

Auto-Stamping Machine for shaping tarts, cookies and Asian cakes.
Rotary Pie and Tart Pastry Machine for making pie and tart shells.
Colloid Mill for processing raw materials into fine pastes.
Dough Press Line for pressing laminated dough with simultaneous insertion into packaging

In addition to the above, MEYASU PTE LTD is also the exclusive representative and distributor for
two internationally renowned product lines, namely the
Hallde Vegetable Preparation Machines
and the
Silex Grills, Waffle Bakers and Snack Concept Machines.

With 65 years of experience and a number of important patents, Hallde is now a world leader
within the development and manufacture of commercial food preparation machines. Hallde
products are sold in more than 60 countries all over the world. MEYASU PTE LTD is Hallde’s sole
representative in the ASEAN region.

The Hallde Vegetable Preparation Machines consists of the following product categories:
The Blender blends, mixes, stirs and choppers. They are great for preparation of dressings, herb
oils, sauces, thickenings, mayonnaise, soups, desserts, milkshakes, cocktails, juices and etc.
The Vertical Cutter/Blenders, Vertical Cutter/Mixers chop, grind, mix and blend meat, fish, fruit,
vegetables, onions, parsley, nuts, almonds, parmesan, mushrooms, chocolate, dry bread, and etc.
Dressing, herb oils, aromatic butter, thickenings, batter, mayonnaise, sauces, soups, desserts,
minced meat, puree, pate and bread crumbs can be prepared from these versatile equipment. The
Hallde range of Vegetable Preparation Machines have a processing capacity between 2 kg/min to
40 kg/min. The machines slice, dice, shred, grate and/or julienne fruits, vegetables, dry bread,
cheese, nuts, mushrooms and etc. Lastly, the ideal aid for the smaller kitchen comes in the form
of Hallde Combi Cutter/Vegetable Preparation Machines. These are smaller capacity machines
which combines the function of a vertical cutter/blender/mixer and a vegetable preparation

MEYASU PTE LTD is the sole distributor in Singapore and Malaysia for Silex Dual Contact Grill
Machines, Waffles Bakers & Snack Concept Machines. Silex is renowned for its Dual Contact Grill
Machines. Silex Dual Contact is used throughout the world. Hotels, restaurants, catering
companies, snack bars and entire chains make use of the benefits of fast, double-sided cooking.

Unlike conventional grilling methods, Silex dual contact grilling system cooks food simultaneously
on both sides through dual contact of top and bottom grill plates. As a result, there is an immediate
searing process that closed the pores on both sides of the food, hence retaining the natural juices,
nutrition and flavour. Compared with conventional grilling, the weight loss of the food is greatly
reduced. Silex Dual Contact reduces costs on time, energy, staff and materials and increase
profits for customers.

Silex is also a leader in Waffle Bakers and Snack Concept such as the Panino Grills, Snackwich
Quattro and Crepe Machines. Quality and reliability are the hallmarks of the Silex machines that
make them different from the others.

Our Office Hours are :
Monday to Friday     9.00 to 18.00 Hrs
Saturdays                  9.00 to 13.00 Hrs